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I help you learn the language of digital marketing so you can apply it for the biggest ROI ever - loyal customers



I ignite and amplify your digital presence with training to reach your ideal customer by curating a big mood digital strategy. I believe in the deep dive to understand your brand and your customers to achieve an authentic connection, choosing your brand becomes a no brainer!

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leveling up your digital marketing skills never felt so easy 

Hi, my name is Brittany, I started Big Mood Digital out of my passion for digital marketing. My hobby at 13 years old of building Backstreet  Boys websites to my internship with Diddy revealed my true passion for the digital space. I truly believe having a strong brand presence online in a purposeful way can lead to a big mood.  oh yes, and more ideal customers!


Ready to level up?

A U D I T S 

When your wondering what's the first step or if you are doing something correctly, an audit is a great first step! I will provide you with a digital presence audit with next step strategy recommendations! 

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D I G T I A L  B O O T C A M P

The digital bootcamps teaches business owners and multi-tasking marketers how to accelerate your business by stacking your marketing toolbox in 6 weeks. Self-guided with 1:1 office hours. The level up is real!

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T E A M   T R A I N I N G S

Ready to accelerate your marketing results and team performance? Amplify your knowledge with a customized digital marketing training program for you and your team. BIG MOOD

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I'd love to learn more about your business to help you create a big mood for your brand online. Send me a message and we will chat soon!


Brittany is not only a true expert in digital marketing, but she's also incredibly passionate about her industry. She brings years of expertise and creativity to our digital ads and keeps them up to date with the latest trends and learnings. Brittany cares about our business as if it were her own and it truly comes through in the work that she does.”

Haley B.

Founder of SkillPop

"I learned a lot and I am excited to implement some strategies for my business." 

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